Friday, July 5, 2013

Making Pennies

Step 1:
Log on to your instaGC account. If you don't have an account sign up HERE.

<~~~See where it says "Offer walls"? CLICK "Offer Walls"
<~~~See where it says "Paid To Click"? Click that and each offer listed is 1 point, click each one, watch to make sure your points go up by one, then hit submit in original window.
Many Choices below for OFFER WALLS
Step 2: 
Click Radio Royalty, LAUNCH Radio, let play in background while you do offers.
After 10 minutes a captcha code will appear

Enter captcha code and 1 point will be entered into your account.

Every 10 minutes you are earning a point. WHOOP!

Step 3: 

Do other offers while Radio Royalty Plays in another window.

Also check out easy video points on HyperMX wall!

Step 4: Go to Radio One wall, watch all the 1-4 point videos on wall, clear cache, cookies, then to it again (with all available videos), repeat until no videos are left.

If you haven't signed up, sign up today! There are many high point offers available!

Get your free amazon gift card today!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Welcome! A message to all New Referrals on instaGC

*If you haven't signed up yet, SIGN UP HERE first. Use real info, don't make duplicate accounts (Admin spots those almost immediately), and CONFIRM email. Save page to bookmarks for easy access or make instaGC you home page.

If you have already signed up: 
You have taken your first step to earning gift cards online. It will take time getting used to the site, so don't fret. First things first,

Read the Guides, they will help!

Getting Started


How to Complete Offers

Web Browser Set Up

Clearing Cookies


Earn Points by Shopping Through Amazon Shopping Link on instaGC
 *note: When shopping through Amazon, go to Main Offer page (Complete Offers) and Search "amazon" and a box will show up that says, "Purchase item(s) and receive 2% back (Excluding S&H and taxes)." Click that box and go to Amazon, and add wish list items to cart and proceed with purchase.

ALSO, you CAN use Amazon gift cards for purchase and still get 2% back!!! So you earn Amazon gift cards on instaGC and then earn points back for purchases!!! It's a win/win!!!

Referral Basics

Read this guides for awesome tips.
Also read chat for tips, click gear a top of chat box to show offers crediting, etc.
If you have ANY questions, ask them in chat box, message me, or leave a comment here.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

InstaGC, the Best Site Ever!

If you haven't heard, InstaGC is the best site ever!

It has an awesome support system, helpful chat box (that is also very entertaining), and a very helpful staff and user friendly site. They keep the chat box "family friendly" and don't tolerate "trolls" in chat box. If you join, within 24 hours of joining, you can expect to receive a message from me informing you of offers, and answering any questions you might have about this site.

If you find this site a bit overwhelming at first, feel free to use the chat box to ask any questions you might have. There is usually a member or a chat mod available to help you in chat. The Admin, or owner of site, is also very active in the chat box and very helpful.

Join today! And you will see the fun I am speaking about!

My Latest Crediting Offers 
(offers change often, so I will try to keep this better updated)

Trial Pay Wall:   TrackIf offer for 29, no install necessary, credits instantly after copy/pasting URLs of 3 different items you would like to track the prices on. Basically, you go to a site like and find the item that you want to "watch" and copy the URL address in the address bar and then click on + sign on the TrackIf site and add URL, choose how you want to track it (I chose Notify when Price Drops). After you have copied 3 URLs of items you would like to track onto TrackIf  "watch" list, it credits!

Main Wall:  Deal or No Deal offer for 14, register and start playing game, no download necessary. This is delayed in crediting, so it may take a few minutes to credit. I played for 5 minutes, then let sit with page open for another 10 and then closed out. It took 15-30 minutes to credit.

Peanut Labs Wall:  Build your own medieval kingdom now in The Settlers Online! for 32 points, register and play game, no download necessary. Credits within 5 minutes of playing game!

Radium One, Peanut Labs: Videos!!! All 2 point offers you see are videos!!! After watching all videos on wall (at least the ones that aren't the same one repeated, watch video A, B, C, D, E, F, etc.) and then clear cache and cookies after watching videos, you can watch them again!!!

NEW WALL!!!! HyprMX is our newest video wall!!! They may only be 1 point videos, but points are points. And I used this wall on my Smartphone while doing offers on my PC and was able to make it to my most recent goal (9999.99 points = $99.99 which has taken me since April 22 to earn).

With this site you can earn a whole list of awesome gift cards and they are all instant!!! This site allows users from the US, UK, FR, DE, AUS, MX, CA, & PR. So join today!!!
instant money

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easy Offers for the Day on InstaGC

Main Wall: 
Tourism for 34 points (slightly delayed credit)

Peanut Labs:
Reward TV for 58
Take our quick quiz about rheumatoid arthritis. 2 pts.
Oblivion. En cines y IMAX el 19 de Abril. 2 pts.
Secret Deodorant 2 pts.
Mira este video Nestle! 2 pts.

Radium One:
How Healthy is your Heart for 25
Orville Redenbacher’s Coupon (Hurry! Offer Ends at 3pm Pacific Time) 19 pts.
Print & Redeem Coupons! Choose Your Favorite 25 for 12 pts.
UPS Final Four for 13 pts.
Slotomania! Deposit $$ to play! for 13 pts.
Wheel of Fortune Slots for 10 pts.

These are the offers that credited me so far, inching slowly up to that $50 cash out, less than 1000 points to go. 100 points = $1.00.
If you would like to try Instant Gift Cards for yourself. Click here. Or you can click the link below to sign up. Then after you have signed up, confirm your email so you can start earning too! Feel free to ask questions in the chat box on the site page!!!

instant money

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Instant Gift Cards

So far I have cashed out $235 worth of gift cards from Instant Gift Cards, also know as InstaGC. I am currently working toward a $50 check that will be sent to my house within 5-9 days of "cashing out."
There are no fees involved with check cashing and they don't make you wait a month to get them. Gift cards are instant, once your account is validated, you can redeem your points for gift cards, as low as $1 or 100 points.

Offers that I have recently completed are:

Winning Surveys - Football Tickets (42 points) on Main Wall
Swarm IQ (17 points) on Main Wall
RSVP to Hotel Club (17 points) Radium One Wall (I think)

There are many more offers to try!

If you would like to join me in earning gift cards and/or checks. Please click here to join. Upon signing up, you need to confirm your email and then start earning! They have helpful guides to help you start earning your way to a vast selection of gift cards (or a check). All cash outs have a minimum of a $1 or 100 points. So join me today!!!!

  instant gift cards

Monday, December 31, 2012

Brand Encounter Chat Threads

It was quite nice to go shopping this year knowing that I would be rewarded for shopping. I am supposed to get a $45 gift card just for logging my purchases and receipts for shopping for this years gift giving season. I took pictures, and just submitted my last receipt. This will definitely help me replace the tablet that was stepped on today.